The restaurant

at the Hotel Hirsch

Unlimited enjoyment

We like to work and preferably a lot. Fortunately, we have lots of great guests who often allow us to do this. We cook honestly, which means our mashed potatoes are made from potatoes that we pick up from the local gardener, peel, cook, mash and flavour ourselves – we tried the powder and scissors thing once but found it dishonest. We buy locally where we can – neither turbot nor king prawns swim through our local Plauelbach stream, but asparagus and lamb’s lettuce, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries come from the fields in the area, and our ham and chops also come from the sow in the neighbouring village. Find out more here.

Der Keller ist voller herrlicher badischer Burgunder, Rieslinge und Müller. So grenznah dürfen aber auch einige edle Bordeaux und Burgunder nicht fehlen. In unserem Restaurant in Kehl-Kork kommen Liebhaber einer frischen, feinen Küche voll auf ihre Kosten. Kommen Sie doch einfach mal vorbei und lassen Sie sich von unseren Kochkünsten begeistern. Unser Restaurant in Kehl-Kork, vor vielen Jahren mal der Kesselraum einer Brauerei, ist der Ort wo wir meistens unsere Gäste umsorgen. Liebevoll eingerichtet, stets mit frischen Blumen dekoriert, kümmern wir uns hier um das leibliche Wohl. Marie, unser Papagei, ist seit weit über dreißig Jahren mit von der Partie. Dem aufmerksamen Gast fällt auch die eine oder andere (unechte) Dekokatze ins Auge.

Summer, sun & sunshine :)

The Terrace

Oh how wonderful in summer. Our boss spends hours draping the plants. But the effort is worth it. On balmy summer evenings, you sit beautifully surrounded by plants and trees, herbs and fruit. Some chefs make a joke of it every year and plant a potato somewhere among the geraniums. Which is then harvested…

With a glass of wine, a cool beer and a light meal, you can make yourself comfortable on our terrace and forget everyday life for a moment. Enjoy the fine delicacies of our restaurant in tranquil Kehl-Kork.

“It is better to enjoy and regret than to regret not having enjoyed.”

Giovanni Boccaccio

at the Hotel Hirsch

Smokers Tramway

Born out of necessity, it has blossomed into a small institution. Our original streetcar from Linz is now not only used by smokers. Whether an aperitif, digestif or a quiet hour in between…

It is connected to the reception and can be reached directly from the guest rooms. At the Hirsch restaurant in Kehl-Kork, smokers can therefore enjoy themselves in comfort even during storms and rain.