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From as early as the years of our apprentice travels, we were taught during our apprenticeships the economic handling of raw materials.

Our chef can tell nice anecdotes about a tantrum his senior chef threw, when seeing a mushroom lying on the basement stairs. The mushroom had fallen out of the box carried by the careless apprentice, our chef himself. Our junior chef also experienced during his apprenticeship, how the cut-off dandelion stalks had been fished out of the biowaste and he had to justify himself for too much wasted material.

On the one hand this forges character, while on the other hand, the responsible use of raw materials becomes an affair of the heart.

We enjoy buying local, because we like the products and know the suppliers. The recommendation of our butcher of trust (, is worth more to us than an arbitrary seal of approval. By the way, our chops from the Grothhofschwein (, the sausage, the ham, the bacon in the lamb's lettuce salad and much more come from there. Our beef comes from another supplier though, as the amount needed is much larger.

The Hanauer are also an exciting project. Whenever the slaughter begins, some chickens find their way into our pots (

Speaking of salads, the lamb's lettuce and lots of vegetables comes from the village ( and from Zusenhofen ( – we also get asparagus and berries from there.

Our eggs come from Altenheim ( and Bodersweier.

We harvest what is growing in our gardens. Part of the herbs – pots full of basil, chives, parsley and a variety of mint grow here. A few weeks a year we can provide for ourselves – then everything is harvested.

Our neighbors provide us with quince and apples that find their way to the breakfast buffet as jelly or puree. We also help during the apple harvest, the result of which you can drink here throughout the year as a delicious apple juice ( Especially in late autumn, when the new harvest comes on the market, this a special treat.

Our wine list speaks for itself. In addition to noble drops from the Ortenau, there are also many varieties from the Kaiserstuhl. This is also due to our affinity to this beautiful region, as we spent part of our apprenticeship there.

Of course, the topic of sustainability does not end with the menu. We constantly strive to reduce our energy consumption. In the cellar, the second generation of combined heat and power plants is purring, that supply us with electricity in addition to heat. We insulate where it makes sense, change consistently to LED lighting and just plan to generate even more of our own electricity.