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We can not offer working from home, a civil servant status or coffee breaks. As restaurateurs, we depend on our guests and work according to needs of their schedule. The is busy mostly in the evening and on public holidays, and sometimes several guests come at the same time. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it can be great to work with us.

There are employees in various areas of the restaurant who have been working for us for more than ten years. If something is wrong, there is always someone with a sympathetic ear. We celebrate together, plan days off together and coordinate our holidays. Sundays are usually free, the pay is good, the working hours manageable. Most of our employees prefer to work full-time with us.
We always welcome great people. Friendliness is of the utmost importance, from the first to the last contact with guests. If there is no suitable vacancy, just send your CV anyway. Sometimes the boss just isn’t aware that we need another team member.