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We like to work and preferably a lot. Fortunately, we have a lot of great guests that often allow us to do just that. We cook honestly. That means our mashed potato is made from potatoes which we pick up from the gardener in the village, peel, cook, puree and season it. That stuff with the powder and the scissors? We have tested but it felt dishonest.

We buy regionally where we can – neither turbot nor king prawn swim through our local Plauelbach, but our asparagus and lamb’s salad, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries come from the fields in the area, our ham and chops come from the sows from the neighbouring village. Get more information here.

The cellar is full of delicious Baden Burgundies, Rieslings and Müller. Being so close to the border means that some noble Bordeaux and Burgundians may not be missing either.

Our restaurant

Our restaurant, many years ago the boiler room of a brewery, is the place where we usually take care of our guests. Lovingly furnished, always decorated with fresh flowers, here we take care of the physical well-being. Marie, our parrot, has been around for over thirty years. The attentive guest also notices one or the other (fake) deco cat.

Bild zur Terrasse

Our terrace

Oh, how wonderful it is in the summer. Our boss spends hours arranging the plants. But the effort is worth it. On balmy summer evenings, you sit beautifully surrounded by plants and trees, herbs and fruits. Every year someone has a joke and grows a potato plant somewhere among the geraniums which is later then harvested...

Bild zum Raucherbähnle

Our little smoker train

Born of necessity, it has become a mini institution. Our original Linz tram is meanwhile not only used by smokers. Whether aperitif, digestif or a quiet hour in between...
It is connected to reception and directly accessible from the guest rooms.